Home Energy Audits Test Your Home as a System

Did you know that your house, much like your car, works as a system? If you have comfort issues, and add A/C or heating, you may not be getting to the root of the problem, and you’re spending lots of time and money to combat the problem while you could be fixing it.

This video was made by the BPI/ Building Performance Institute.

Home Energy audits test your home as a system using infrared cameras and blower door tests to evaluate energy loss and indoor air quality standards.

Aladdin Insulation and Home Improvements uses state of the art equipment to evaluate your home to determine options to make your home more energy efficient while maintaining Indoor Air Quality standards to meet high health and safety issues. If you live in the greater Alanta Area visit us at or directly at 678-528-7115 so that we can help you make your home more energy efficient.