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Air Duct Air Cleaning Step by Step

Our deep cleaning method is the only one that power brushes and vacuums at the same time.

Our Rotobrush system was designed for one purpose only – air duct cleaning.The flexibility of the cleaning hose allows it to reach even the wrinkles and crevices of flex duct found in some systems.

Your air ducts are cleaned as the rotating vacuum brush goes in and it is pulled back out of the duct.

We manipulate the rotating brush back and forth all the way to the plenum and then again as it is being extracted. The Rotobrush breaks loose dust and residue much like you would do by hand. It’s strong vacuum nozzle sucks up the dirt and deposits it safely in a self contained dust reservoir.

Air Duct Cleaning β€” Step by Step:

1. Drop cloth is placed at work area
2. Remove Registers
3. Visual inspection is performed with i2Cam video inspection system (Before)
4. Clean registers with Envirocon anti-microbial solution
5. Technician cleans supply vents all the way to the air handler
6. Dirt and debris is Rotobrushed, collected and swept up by the dual Rotobrush vacuum system
7. Optimum coverage is ensured as technician works back through the system, overlapping cleaning the plenum.
8. Register wells are cleaned with Envirocon anti-microbial cleaner
9. Vacuum and clean out complete air handler and blower
10. Air handler fan is turned on and Envirocon antimicrobial treatment is fogged into air ducts and
fan circulates treatment deep into the system
11. Homeowner’s new air filter is installed
12. Visual inspection is performed with i2Cam video inspection system (After)

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