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Solaro Aire Powered Attic Fan from Aladdin your Atlanta Dealer

Solaro-Energy-Dealer-Badge  The Solaro Aire™ attic fan is the world’s most advanced, fully integrated, high efficiency Solar Powered Attic fan. During the hot summer months, your attic can reach temperatures of up to 160°F, making your home warm & uncomfortable. The Solaro Aire™ attic fan extracts the heat from your attic, keeping the temperature and your AC bills down! A great replacement for the noisy turbine vents. (more…)

The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior Siding

th-9The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior Siding 1. How can homeowners prepare for a complete home reside? There are a few items to address from a James Hardie Prefered Remodeler before beginning a complete exterior siding project on your home. (more…)

Radiant Barrier Insulation Installed in Homes

HeatShield Radiant BarrierRadiant barrier is installed in homes -- usually in attics -- primarily to reduce summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs. The barriers consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. They don't, however, reduce heat conduction like thermal insulation materials. (more…)

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Home Air Quality Environment

th-10Our children spend over 90% of their lives indoors, and are constantly exposed to a host of contaminants and irritants which can exacerbate asthma and allergy suffering. There are many common sense solutions to maintain a home which will relieve their suffering and symptoms. (more…)

Residential Insulation: Why is it Important?

residential insulationResidential Insulation: Why is it Important? Building energy codes are driving greater energy efficiency, which means tighter and better insulated buildings. But a building built just to code is only meeting the legal minimum, not delivering customer value beyond that baseline. (more…)